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Other Nice Things We Do

Free Delivery!  It’s true, you know, the bookstore now delivers for free.  We have a bicycle! We also have a fleet of healthy young people who largely refuse to ride it (well, it’s true, it doesn’t have much in the way of brakes) – but if they will not ride, they can always walk.  No, seriously – we’re happy to deliver, and it gets us out of the store.  You can make this arrangement when you place an order, or at a moment’s notice, say, for example, if you’re stuck home sick (if properly propitiated, we pick up snacks and things, along the way), or for any reason.  (Ooh – “propitiated” in our case means just being thanked sweetly, which of course you would, having been brought up nicely.)


Special Ordering:  In addition to the 15,000 books in stock, we can get most things in a couple of days, and there’s almost never any extra shipping or anything.  Plus, do you know that our main distributor drop-ships from their warehouse to anywhere in the country you’d like?  We’re also known for being happy to track down and research things.


We love to support Local Book Groups:  Not only do we sponsor our own modestly ambitious groups, we also happily stock extra copies of whatever your group is reading, if you let us know.  We’re also happy to host and publicize meet n’ greets, if you’re looking for members.


Gift Certificates.  Home-grown, designed by local artists, and available in any denomination you like, very nice!  If you can’t come in, we’re happy to mail ‘em to anyone you like.


We like Parties!  We like to throw them, but are also happy to host yours.  To date we’ve had birthday parties (young and old!), bar mitzvah parties, and even a wedding!  Please contact us to discuss logistics.


Good Books, Nothing but Good Books!  We love ‘em.  You do too.  Yippee!  As mainstream publishers inch ever closer to publishing less and less, we delight in finding, supporting, and introducing you hidden gems, and to Wonderful Independent and Small Presses, bringing you voices from all over the world and time!