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July 2015 events


Wednesday, July 1, 7pm

A Celebration of Anne Garreta’s Sphinx, with Emma Ramadan, Ian Dreiblatt, & Sarah Gerard

Sphinx, originally published in 1986 and now finally translated into English, is an innovative, playful love story told entirely without gender pronouns. Anne Garreta’s debut novel stands as both a complex linguistic feat and a classic in the Feminist and LGBTQ canon. Translator Emma Ramadan will be joined by Ian Dreiblatt and Sarah Gerard to discuss the lasting impact of Sphinx on queer experimental writing and on OULIPO, the legendary French “workshop of potential literature.”


Thursday, July 9, 7pm

Caroline Zancan in conversation with Sasha Weiss

In her debut novel, Local Girls, Caroline Zancan explores the restless, tragic summer of three young women. Maggie, Nina, and Lindsay have been life-long friends, but their encounter one night with celebrity Sam Decker and the estranged Lila calls the bonds of their close-knit circle into question. Zancan’s novel is an intense look at adolescent friendships, the lure of celebrity, and the pull of maturity. In conversation with NY Times Magazine story editor Sasha Weiss.


Wednesday, July 15, 7pm

Nicole Kear in conversation with Julia Fierro

Nicole Kear’s memoir Now I See You tells a story of adventure in the face of impending blindness. At nineteen, Nicole Kear was diagnosed with a disease that would rob her of sight by her thirties. In response, Kear struck off on her own, joined circus school, looked for love, and traveled the world, all while keeping her deteriorating vision a secret. In conversation with novelist Julia Fierro.

Book of Dares

Thursday, July 16, 7 pm

Jane Kelley

Join us to celebrate Jane Kelley’s latest middle grade novel, The Book of Dares for Lost Friends!


Thursday, July 23, 7pm

One Story presents: Calvin Baker in conversation with Hannah Tinti

Calvin Baker’s new novel, Grace, tells the story of a war correspondent who quits his job and whose only desire is to feel beauty again. His search leads him across four continents, into and out of several lives, and back into the chaos of war. Critic Dale Peck calls Grace “a book so universal and timeless you could almost believe it had been unearthed from a medieval crypt.” In conversation with One Story editor Hannah Tinti.


Monday, July 27, 7pm

Books Beneath the Bridge: A Celebration of Harper Lee

At The Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Granite Prospect

Head over to Brooklyn Bridge Park’s beautiful Granite Prospect for our celebration of Harper Lee. As her long-lost novel, Go Set a Watchmen, hits the shelves this July, several authors will read their favorite passages from the new book and from To Kill a Mockingbird, and discuss the enduring legacy of Lee’s vision, all against the backdrop of downtown Manhattan at sunset.


Wednesday, July 29, 7pm

Vol. 1 Brooklyn presents: Alexis Coe in conversation with Margaret Eby

In Alice + Freda Forever, Alexis Coe recounts a tragic, true-life love story that shocked America in 1892. To marry 17-year-old Freda Ward, 19-year-old Alice Mitchell attempted to pass as a man, but their forbidden love ended not in bliss but in bloodshed. Coe uses over 100 love letters, maps, artifacts, and other historical material to document a teenage murder that shocked the nation. In conversation with journalist and critic Margaret Eby.