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June 2015 Events


Tuesday, June 2, 7pm
John Keene in conversation with Jeffery Renard Allen

John Keene conjures lost memoirs, detectives pulps, and newspaper reports to rewrite literary history in Counternarratives, his new collection of short stories and novellas. He blends the familiar and strange–reviving Jim and Huck Finn; Langston Hughes and Xavier Villaurrutia; sorcery, slavery, and colonialism–to carve daring new paths through the canon. In conversation with Jeffery Renard Allen.



Wednesday, June 3, 7pm
Vivian Gornick

Vivian Gornick assembles a collage of reflective pieces on everyday life in her newest book, The Odd Woman and the City. Gornick’s followup to the acclaimed Fierce Attachments explores the ever-changing realities of being an independent woman in the modern metropolis though meditations on feminism, urban literature’s flaneur, and the history of friendship.




Thursday, June 4, 7pm
Emma Hooper in conversation with Laura Isaacman

In Emma Hooper’s Etta and Otto and Russell and James, 83-year-old Etta wakes one morning and sets off to see the ocean with nothing but a rifle, some chocolate, and 3,232 miles to go. Her brash journey is at the center of what The New York Times calls a “sweet, disarming story of lasting love.” In conversation with Laura Isaacman.



Thursday, June 4, 7pm
Sophie McManus
at Cabinet

Sophie McManus’s hilarious debut novel, The Unfortunates, chronicles a wealthy family in decline. Afflicted by a rare disease and faced with her own mortality, prominent heiress Cecelia Somner must confront the legacy of her family’s wealth and power. Comic and tragic in equal measure, Cecelia’s story reflects on influence, inheritance, class, and, ultimately, the transformative power of love.


snake train

Tuesday, June 9, 7pm
Edwin Frank in conversation with Michael Ruby

In his new poetry collection, Snake Train, NYRB Classics editor Edwin Frank lashes together images from the contemporary moment’s fleeting beauty and vast destruction. Pastimes of Hell, a fractured Wagnerian opera, mysterious routes through dilapidated towns–these are just a few of the ghostly pieces making up Frank’s haunting and witty poetic sequences. In conversation with poet Michael Ruby.



Thursday, June 18, 7pm
Father’s Day Celebration with Phillip Lopate & more

Celebrate the father in your life at this special Father’s Day book launch of Every Father’s Daughter, a collection of reflections by 24 women on the tender, loving, and complicated father-daughter relationship. With readings by Lily and Phillip Lopate, Bruce McPherson, Johanna Gohman, and Margaret McMullan.



Thursday, June 25, 7pm
A Celebration of Richard Weiner’s The Game for Real

Richard Weiner’s strange and powerful diptych, The Game for Real, finally makes its English-language debut, bringing to American readers the highly original work of the Czech modernist often compared to Kafka. In the first novella, an unnamed hero discovers he has a double and that his double has a double and so on down the rabbit hole in what becomes a hilarious Parisian spree. In the second, a man is slapped and will stop at nothing to return the insult, even if it means attacking himself. Translator Benjamin Paloff will be joined by Alex Zucker to discuss Weiner’s complex, mystifying fictions.